Positive Factors Of A Healthy Relationship

Many ponder what are positive factors of a healthy relationship. It is difficult to pinpoint at a particular time whether you are in a healthy relationship or not. Arguing with your partner is not particularly a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Having different views sometimes is not either. Therefore, what are the positive factors of a healthy relationship?


This is one of the most essential aspects of any relationship. You and your partner need to learn how to talk to each other. Laying things on the table are not hard tasks for either of you. With breakdown in communication, your relationship is bound to break down as communication is the key of any relationship. Proper communication takes honesty, understanding, love and empathy.


You and your partner are unique people. Each of you has different needs, likes, views and perspectives. This is to say that arguments and disagreements are inevitable. Therefore, learn to compromise. If he loves sports, let him take the day off with his friends to watch the Premier League. Take the day away from him to do some spring-cleaning or

Love/Hate Relationship A Clue About Its Lessons

Was it intended that I meet this woman as I did in the elevator at that particular time in both of our lives? Yes, I believe so.

You’re going to have guilt if you try to benefit from a relationship at the expense of another. You are not going to have peace if you condemn a part of a love one. Each relationship we have must be a total commitment– but the commitment must be to the understanding of the relationship that exists in the Oneness, without guilt.

There is nothing bad about a relationship coming to an end. Just because the relationship ended doesn’t mean that effects from it are not ongoing.

There will always be faith.

There will be guilt if you think you can make your partner into something he or she is not, just because you want it so. Does this sound familiar?

He also knows that you made the relationship, and the Holy Spirit can translate the relationship into holiness by removing as much fear as you will let Him. You can place any relationship under His care and be sure that it will

Make Your Relationship New Again

Relationships are generally seen as our main source of support, love, self esteem, enthusiasm and pleasure. Naturally there are differences of degree and type when we look at our relationships with friends, coworkers and acquaintances versus family members or someone we are intimately involved with in a love relationship. Many seek a permanent love relationship which they’d like to last throughout their life. In theory then, we should be exerting every effort in order to nurture and to perfect those relationships.

Do we? Not usually. We may dream of the perfect relationship but actually putting in the time and effort seems beyond us as we struggle with all the details of day to day existence.

Our relationships, then, often become sources of distress, anxiety and feelings of failure when they fail to meet our needs and expectations. Potentially even more damaging, they can become a source of a deep inner rage that can poison one’s life. These are some of the dimensions of relationship problems. Certainly having a problem with a relationship isn’t going to doom it to failure – every relationship has its problems. We are

Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships

One of the keys to obtaining a better life or living arrangement is to assess the quality of relationships that you surround yourself with. Do you surround yourself with loving relationships or unhealthy relationships? For someone that has a pattern or history with unhealthy relationships, the difference between the two may be difficult to decipher.

Healthy relationships are relationships that add to our well being, not subtract. They bring out the best of us by being supportive of our goals and our inner selves. Unhealthy relationships often cause us stress and subtract from our well being, often leaving us feeling depleted of energy.

Common symptoms of unhealthy relationships include sickness, stress, and a negative outlook of ourselves and our world around us. People who are accustomed to unhealthy relationships often stay cornered in situations like this because they do not recognize that there is another way of living. They might continue the unhealthy relationship indefinitely and never seek a better way of life for themselves or they may leave the unhealthy relationship, but not the pattern.

The life pattern is essentially the root of the problem. The pattern may have stemmed from family upbringing or

Matter of Choice in Long Distance Relationships

Have you ever come across someone who just kept saying that a long distance relationship would not work no matter how hard you try? It even sounds more familiar when he/she ends the conversation with the universal phrase such as “I know it because I saw lots of failed LDR” If you choose to listen to this kind of comment, then you choose to fail in your long distance relationship because you will never be able to survive your LDR. The reason is simple, you choose to listen to the wrong command or choose to believe the wrong concept.

I truly believe that everyone in this world have their own opinion which is best to them all the time. What they think is true to them because they are capable of thinking only the true thing. I don’t blame them because they are true at least in their own little world. It is all up to us to believe what is said or we can choose to believe that every outcome is at our own hand. Let me tell you this, you can completely determine your own outcome when it comes to a long distance relationship. How

Ways To Make Your Relationship Last Forever

Do you realize that it is perfectly possible for you to have a relationship that lasts forever? And a relationship that is not just normal, or struggling, but that is consistently great. I believe that you can have a relationship where you are soul mates with your partner, and in love, and that you can have this over many many years until your are finally separated by death.

I call such a relationship, a “lifelong soul mate” relationship.

I know that you hope for such a lifelong soul mate relationship, but I suspect that you believe that it is only possible for you in some abstract kind of way. You may even believe that such a relationship is not possible outside of fairy tales.

In this, the first of three articles, I share with you that it is possible for you to have a lifelong soul mate relationship. Not only is it possible, but also it is relatively simple to achieve this, providing certain simple rules are followed.

In my second article I share with you what you have to do. In my third article I share with you what you must avoid doing.

How To Recognize Relationship Breakdowns

In this complex world that we live in, one of the most complex things we have to deal with is ourselves and our relationships with others. In an ideal world, this should be simple, but we do not live in an ideal world, and the issue of relationships is anything but simple.

When we are born, we have a relationship with our parents. They teach us, they scold us, and they love us. But that point in our lives is the very last point in time when relationships will ever be even close to be simple.

In our teen years, the aspect of the importance of relationships goes right off the scale, surpassing almost everything else. Relationships are critical to us at that point. We are super conscious of what we wear, who we go out with, what our peers think of us, and if television and billboard advertising is to be believed, it is also of critical importance to our relationships and our future lot in life as to what brand of soda we drink and the brand of sneakers we wear.

Then we settle down, get married and start a family. The interesting

Ways To Improve Your Interpersonal Relationships

Very few of us never have contact with the outside world or other people, and as a result, there is a relationship that is created whenever we interact with someone else. As time goes on, that relationship can remain stagnant, or as in the case of a love or dating relationship, that relationship can grow and flourish. But the real key to any meaningful relationship is effective communication between two people. That statement is every bit as true for interpersonal relationships as it is for business relationships, and also for the marital relationship between a husband and wife.

Effective communications cannot be stressed enough, especially in a marriage relationship. In today’s world where both husband and wife are holding down at least full time if not part time jobs, things happen during the course of a normal day. But it is only at the end of the day when two people are relaxing that effective communications can take place. It doesn’t matter how mundane, since even in mundane conversation you can learn a lot about another person, understanding what is important to them, what irritates them, and things they find enjoyable.

Suppose your partner is depressed

The Relationship Model of Addiction

“An inherent limitation of the medical model is ignoring the fact that ‘pathological dependence’ implies that a relationship, one that is emotional and psychological in nature, has formed with the substance or activity (i.e. gambling, porn, etc.) The ‘pathological dependency’ is a pathological relationship, one in which there is continuous and increasing emotional involvement.”

The application of the disease concept to alcoholism, chemical dependency and addiction by the American Medical Association in 1956 marked a turning point in how addicts are viewed by treatment practitioners, significant others, the addicts themselves, as well the population at large. This turning point served to lessen the impact of stigma. There is less shame and secrecy associated now with being an addict, clearing the way towards seeking professional help. The shift in perception allowed for a more objective understanding of the disease and had a humanizing effect. The disease concept streamlined the process of assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

However, despite its reliance on objective, measurable data and tried and proven research, and beyond meeting the necessary criteria to be labeled a disease, we actually know little else about the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction.

The “Pathological Dependence” is

When Not to Start a Relationship

Have you recently ended a relationship or are you recently divorced? Are you thinking about dating again?

Many times, putting yourself back into the dating scene is a good idea. But how can you know when it is time to start a new relationship?

Here are some questions to ponder:

1. Are you fully over your last relationship, or do you still have hope of reconciliation?

If you still fantasize about getting back with your partner, then you are not truly available for another relationship. Is there really a possibility of reconciliation, or are you making up the possibility? If there really is a possibility, then it is certainly not time to date. If the relationship is really over, then you need to fully accept this before moving on to another relationship. As long as you are in denial about the relationship being over, you are not fully available for another relationship.

2. If your partner has died, do you feel ready for a new relationship?

If you had a loving relationship with your deceased partner, then any time you feel ready is fine. You already know how to have a good

Extracts of Love and Relationships

Several persons begin relationships out of desire, which is the opposite of aspiration. Once the relationship progresses and one tires of the other, they often drift worlds apart. These types of relationships are often harmful; since selfish motivation sparks, the relationship and thus the result only bring down the outlook of love and relationship. When a person has desire in mind while starting a relationship, it is almost guaranteed there will be other relationships outside of the relationship, and the other person will hurt since they are in love alone.

A trail of broken hearts follows behind these types of relationships. Thus, knowing who you are is the start that determines if you will find true love and relationship. If you are in contact with your emotions, personality, beliefs, standards, and so forth, thus you can touch the fine lines of love and relationship while remaining in love and in the relationship. Thus, lust, love and relationship have a separation that needs defined to make love last.

Desires are a mindful response to emotions triggered by appealing appetizers, and backed with impulses. Lust throughout the years has proven harmful, especially if the action acted out on

Secrets Of Understanding An Addictive Relationship Revealed

An addictive relationship is no fun, though many, many, people are in dysfunctional relationships that are not in their best interests. Bad relationships lead to abuse, drug use, depression, and to people’s lives being negatively affected. Addictive relationships can be hard to define, and therefore it can be hard to tell if you are in one. However, a bad relationship is something to take seriously, and if you can figure out that you are in one, you are one step closer to getting out of it so that you can get into a good relationship.

An addictive relationship tends to isolate either or both partners from the outdide world. It is identical to drug or alcohol dependence. It is something that keeps them apart from the things they really love and tasks they should be accomplishing. An addictive relationship is truly a dysfunctional relationship because it is defined by an increasing craving to be with a person, and by withdrawal symptoms that go along with being away from them. It also has the some of the same signs as other addictions, such as low self-esteem, passivity, magical thinking, lack of initiative, and helplessness.

There are seven

3 Critical Parts For Good Relationship Advice

Relationship advice is something everyone will need at some point in their lives. There’s a lot of advice out there, but not all of it is good. It can be very difficult to know who to trust. Not every relationship we are in will make it, some things just aren’t meant to be. But there are ways to take a good relationship and make it great. And there are ways to save a failing relationship by heeding some good relationship advice.

A piece of relationship advice I have found useful is that you need to have a vision of what you expect your relationship to be like. Did you know that many people spend more time planning their vacation than they spend thinking about relationships? Just stumbling through relationships trying to make it up as they go along may be one reason so many relationships fail. Try to spend some time thinking about these questions:

  1. Do you currently have a ‘vision’ of what you want in a relationship?
  2. If you could have a relationship set up any way you wanted to, what would it be like?
  3. If you knew you absolutely couldn’t fail, what would your ideal relationship be like?

If you

Ten Steps to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

There are two times that people put the most effort into a relationship–at the beginning, and at the end. At the beginning, we want so much to spend time together that we will make time to do whatever it takes. At the end of a relationship, we spend a lot of effort just to keep ourselves together while our relationship is falling apart. Many people learn too late that the most important time to work on a relationship is . . . every day. Because, while choosing a good partner is essential, just committing to someone does not ensure years of happiness.

To continue to reap the rewards of a great relationship, there is a continual amount of work that must be done. Just as a farmer cannot sow his seeds and sit back until they mature, so it is that we cannot expect an initial commitment to carry us to a great relationship.

Following these 10 steps will help to keep your relationship healthy and thriving:

1. Give and take–Couples who have been married 50 years or more say that the number one reason their marriages have survived is “give and take.” There are times that our needs must be

About Successful Relationships

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What is it about successful relationships?

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New Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

Are you in a new relationship? Feel like everything is going great, but worried that it all may come crashing down any minute? Everyone knows a new relationship can be a fragile thing; treat it with care by following these relationship tips and your new relationship may just become your new marriage someday.

1. “I Love You”
Yes you might think you’re ready, and maybe you think he’s ready too, but before you say it, be 100% sure you mean it. There a few words in the English language able to create so much joy, or sadness, as “I Love You.” Say “it” too early, and you risk turning your new relationship into a short term relationship. Wait until you’re sure you’re both ready and you’ll stand a much better chance of making it last a lifetime. Sometimes the feeling fades after just a few months; if that’s the case then you’ll be glad you didn’t say “it,” as it’ll be easier for you to move on. If after three to six months together you still feel that burning desire to say (and hear) those magical words though, then give it a go and see how he

What Makes Up an Enviable Relationship

Everyone desires a healthy relationship, but not everyone works towards achieving it. Achieving a healthy relationship is a responsibility that lies on the shoulder of both parties involved. If someone asks you what are the things that can contribute to a strong and fulfilling relationship, you may probably have a lot to say in order to make your point. You can make good points by saying, love each other, build trust, never try to cheat, be honest and so on. However, I have seen men telling me that they have tried all these things out in their relationship and yet things did not work out well. But that’s ok, here are the things that can help you build a strong marital relationship.


Good sense makes a man slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offence. Proverbs 19:11 [RSV]

Healthy relationships are not conflict free, but they are conflict resolving. That is, there is no offence free relationship. Any relationship whatsoever, whether parents to children, husband to wife, fiancé to fiancée or whatever, there’s a place of offence. If you try as much as you can, not to offend anybody, people will offend you.

Is Your Relationship Healthy

A healthy relationship is what we all want, someone who we can enjoy life with and grow old together. A healthy relationship is not something that comes automatically, it is a work in progress that grows richer with each passing year. The health of a relationship can be judged by a great many factors such as trust, honesty and vulnerability. A healthy relationship requires a high level of communication and co-operation between partners, not everyone is willing to commit to this, those that do enjoy happy, fulfilling relationships. So, is your relationship healthy?

Whilst opposites do attract and can probably result in some wonderful relationships, the ones that tend to stand the test of time are those where the partners have something in common. This could be shared interests, similar beliefs or anything that gives them common ground on which they can build. If you do not anything in common then find activities that you can both enjoy and share together.

There are some dark relationships which are decidedly unhealthy. These are where one partner is a victim of emotional or physical abuse. In both cases it is difficult for the victim to break free because the abuser makes

A Conscious Union The Ultimate Relationship

In the past year I have endlessly blogged and chatted to radio hosts about the intricacies of intimate relationships from communication styles to self observation, with unending awe as I explore the certain mysteries of love and how it affects us all. There are heaps of experts and books out there written by amazing people way more qualified than me about the psychology and technical workings of relationships, but it is my calling to offer you help in this wonderland of life, so it got me wondering, just what is a Conscious Union?

What has been emerging, as Conscious Union earns her place in the “New Earth” jigsaw, is a honing and fine tuning of ingredients that go to make up a conscious relationship and how it is the closest thing to “happily ever after” that we will ever see within our existing DNA structure!

So let me take you on a journey around a conscious relationship. If you are in one already then I don my hat to you and say well done…you are helping to pioneer the new relationship paradigm for future generations who understand the meaning of authentic love. If you are in a relationship but

Relationship 10 Principles For Success

On the path to self mastery we must each address how to deal with relationships. The most common of course would be the relationships pertaining to love, courtship, commitment and marriage. Though different feelings are at play during each of these phases there are certain principles that are important during the interplay between all the personalities involved. These principles are in no way exclusive to amorous relationships, they can be applied to a variety of relationships.

These principles would encompass Trust, Honesty, Communications, Listening, Patience, Respect, Priorities, Commitment, Planning, Follow Through. These Principles are the foundation of any and all relationships.


Whether you are dealing with a spouse, lover, friend, associate, work partner, family member or any other individual there must be a mutual trust in order for a relationship to be on solid footing. It is incumbent on you to instill trust and have trust in the other person or the relationship will eventually fall apart.


Any relationship that is not rooted in honesty will cause confusion and the personalities involved will soon assume that whatever is said may not be truthful, therefor the first principle of trust will never