Love/Hate Relationship A Clue About Its Lessons

Was it intended that I meet this woman as I did in the elevator at that particular time in both of our lives? Yes, I believe so.

You’re going to have guilt if you try to benefit from a relationship at the expense of another. You are not going to have peace if you condemn a part of a love one. Each relationship we have must be a total commitment– but the commitment must be to the understanding of the relationship that exists in the Oneness, without guilt.

There is nothing bad about a relationship coming to an end. Just because the relationship ended doesn’t mean that effects from it are not ongoing.

There will always be faith.

There will be guilt if you think you can make your partner into something he or she is not, just because you want it so. Does this sound familiar?

He also knows that you made the relationship, and the Holy Spirit can translate the relationship into holiness by removing as much fear as you will let Him. You can place any relationship under His care and be sure that it will not result in pain, only if you offer Him your willingness to serve no need but His.

This meeting eventually turned into a long relationship.

We had many good times, along with some bad times when, over the years of the relationship, neither one of us could end the love and hate relationship struggle.

All guilt in the relationship comes from your use of it. The Holy Spirit is not concerned with the number of years you remain in a relationship, but the ego surely is.

This is the same thing you do to yourself when you live under the ego’s illusory thought system– try to be something you are not.

Regardless of the time involved in a relationship, the Holy Spirit will need to use this relationship for the purpose of the whole, which means you. Simply try to think briefly, here, how it is that you are the whole.

Your real inner Self

Let’s face it, not feeling whole is a guilty feeling. What I decided to do with the lessons was simply based on my readiness to learn something from the giving and receiving that was involved.

When you and your partner understand this, there is no need to be afraid to let go of your imagined needs; ego-based needs will only destroy the relationship anyway. Your only need while you enjoy each other is the Holy Spirit’s need of the relationship for His use. In this, all relationships are blessed as one.

The Holy Spirit also showed us qualities in each other that brought joy. With the hold our egos had on us, we could not experience the joy that was there as a whole, let alone love. As long as my ego, along with her ego, needed us to use each other, the Holy Spirit simply used what He could from it.

It was not necessarily the direction or the intention given by the Holy Spirit– the true and real guidance system in all of us, for me to continue or for the two of us to make a relationship.

The Holy Spirit merely will use our ego-based decision making–our wrong-mindedness, perhaps, for instance, when you send an aggressive email or text message, to give each party certain lessons, and to provide lessons for others.